1 Day
Oct. – Nov.

Come join us for a day on an unique adventure and discover the hidden treasures of the Karoo. You wil be visiting a farm which lies 80km from any town and what makes it exceptionally special is that it hosts a rare occurance once a year – A congregation of Giant Mountain Tortoises fighting and breeding. Sometimes one can find up to 60 tortoises in a 500m radius.

But the mountain tortoise isn’t the only thing you might see. Because of the little activity that takes place on the farm other animals has also began moving back onto the undisturbed land. There has been sightings of Serval, Bat Eared Fox, Klipspringer, Kudu, Blackbacked Jackle and a few other species.

Apart from what you can see, you’ll also stop in the Meirings Poort Gorge at its popular 60m waterfall where you can refresh in the clear pools below the falls befor heading back to the Garden Route. So be sure to pack your swim wear.

We are very fortunate to be the only adventure company that has access to the farm and our aim is to provide you with an adventure tour you will never forget.

Guide Lunch
Access to Farm Pick-up and Drop-off @ Where you stay
GoPro Visuals
Water & Drinks Snacks
Hiking Shoes Hat
Camera Swimwear


  • Meiringspoort Waterfall
  • Into the Wild
  • Mountain Tortoise Breeding (Seasonal)
  • Silence of the Karroo

7.00 AM

Meet & Greet at Sasol Fuel Station between George & Wilderness

(If you’re driving with the guide, you’ll be picked up at your guesthouse, backpackers or hotel)

10.30 AM

Arrive on Farm

13.00 PM


16.30 PM

Fair you well on the rest of your journey.

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